About Us

Welcome to AL BARSHAA

Al Barshaa is a results-oriented, medium-size, trading and distribution company, focusing on the UAE market and the key Dubai-export markets of The Middle East, Africa and Asia in over 50 countries.

Hands-on & No-fuss
Al Barshaa's operational strategy is simple; a flat structure and low-cost operation, managed hands-on by its 3 partners and a high-performing core sales team. This no-fuss culture allows tremendous business flexibility and fast decision-making.
55+ years of experience
Al-Barshaa’s managing partners bring more than 55 years of trading, distribution, logistics, marketing and cultural experience in the UAE, and the surrounding markets of Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and the Sub-Continent, with a powerful and proven business network.
Trusted Partners in Imaging Distribution
The UAE-based company handles distribution for leading imaging brands such as Eastman Kodak, DNP (Die Nippon Japan), Noritsu Japan, DigiRefurbLab (Singapore), Red Moments (India), and Mitsubichi Paper Mills.
Bringing Household Goods to the Right Audiences
Al-Barshaa also have a hand in cookware, bakeware, and other household appliances, distributing innovative brands such as Neoflam (Korea), Happycall (South Korea), and Temptations (USA) across the region.
Their close partnerships with the Middle East's leading home TV shopping network and a healthy variety of high-traffic e-commerce platforms make for a strong consumer-driven channel strategy.
Dubai Pride
Al-Barshaa continues to benefit from the world-class advantages of being part of the Dubai business community, establishing a facility in the Jebel-Ali Free Zone with efficient and well-connected logistics partners.