DNP(Die Nippon Japan)
DNP offers a comprehensive range of innovative printer and media solutions that address the needs of retailers, event photographers, and photo booth operators. DNP IAM product and technology solutions are designed with the goal of making high-quality printed photography easy and convenient. Backed by more than 140 years of experience in the printing business.
Al Barshaa General Trading LLC is the authorised distributor of Kodak in MENA. Kodak is a global technology company focused on consumer and professional imaging, batteries and all sorts of imaging chemicals. Kodak provides industry-leading hardware, software, consumables and services to a wide range of retail and professional users, with responsive support and world-class R&D in silver halide, thermal and ink-jet imaging technologies.
Mitsubishi Paper Mills
Al Barshaa General Trading recently tied-up with Mitsubishi Paper Mills to market the widest range of ink-jet papers available world-wide. Mitsubishi is the leader in hi-tech paper products for all purposes, including small and wide-format coated ink-jet and high-speed ink-jet printing. Mitsubishi Paper Mills products are considered the world leaders in colour and finish quality.
Noritsu is backed with a 60 years experience in Inkjet Photo Lab Solutions, Traditional Photo lab Solutions and Imaging Software, operating in more than 180 countries. Noritsu continues to be at the forefront of imaging technology. Our line of award-winning imaging hardware and software products and solutions continues to evolve, offering consumers greater quality and choices in preserving their memories, while delivering high performance, flexibility and profit-making potential to our customers.
Red Moments
We at Al Barshaa General Trading take personalised gifts category very seriously, a trendsetter in the field of innovative personalised and corporate gifting. We make every gift worth remembering with very unique ways. With our partnership with Red Moments, we provide a B2B complete affordable solution for personalized gifting, comprising printers, image transfer machinery and supplies and a list of more than 200 gift item suitable for image printing and display. Red Moments are world leaders in personalised gifting solutions and a one-stop shop for this profitable and growing category.