Balzano 18-Piece Infinity Non-Stick Cookware Set Black

Founded in the Aosta valley region of Italy in 1908 and perfected for over a century, Balzano’s innovative products make for a brilliant kitchen. Form meets function in such a way that our products are not only easy on the eyes but on the chef – our cookware and home appliances works harder, so you don’t have to. Welcomed and renowned in professional kitchens worldwide, Balzano invites you to experience its quality and craftsmanship first hand. The Balzano brand is trusted by our very own Chef Manal Alalem, also known as Queen of Arab Kitchen.

The Balzano 18-Piece Infinity Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware Set, carefully chosen by Chef Manal Alalem, brings you the finest quality cookware in best affordable price. This 18-Piece Cookware Set fulfils the need of small and large families, also perfect for cooking delicious meals for guests. Pots and Pans of all sizes serves different cooking needs. Tempered Glass Lids allows you to see while cooking. Steam vent hole removes excess heat creating even pressure. Non-Stick coating doesn’t let the food stick to the bottom and prevents it from burning. Aluminum body is highly conductive, reduces energy consumption and creates even heat distribution. Light weight body, Heat resistant handles and Superior quality scratch resistant body is perfect for all your needs. Also, you get 6 Nylon Non-Stick Kitchen Tools along with this set. You’ll never find any other cookware set that gives you best of the both worlds – Quality and Affordable pricing!

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