Balzano Digital Air Fryer 5.5L Black

Cooking a healthy food is a dream for many women, today with The Air Fryer from Balzano that uses rapid air technology, you can certainly do it!
With its hot air or rapid air technology, you can facilitate your cooking of deep fried food without using oil, reducing 80% of fat from your food. You can also set the temperature to get the exact output of the food the way you want it and a timer to switch the fryer off when you’re done. Balzano 5.5 Liter Air fryer AF702 features a 5.5L capacity of the Basket and a 1800W High power to cook large amount easily.
The Balzano 5.5 Liter Airfryer AF702 is the perfect appliance you shall need in your kitchen as it saves you a lot of effort and time in addition to allowing you to cook a healthy food!


• Rapid Air Technology

• No Need for Oil

• Highly Efficient and takes only a short duration to cook a variety of foods
• 85% Less Fat in Food

• A capacity of 5.5 Liter

• Power of 1800W

• Temperature up to 80-200C

• Integrated Air Filter Prevents Unwanted Cooking Smells

• Dishwasher Safe Basket

• Power on light

• Aluminum coated

• Nonstick Basket

• Adjustable Thermostat Control for Different Cuisines

• 220-240V and 50/60Hz

• Model: AF702

• Cord length: 1.5M

• Material: Plastic & metal

• 1 x Balzano Air Fryer

• 1 x Basket

• 1 x Instructions Manual

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